FAQ 2017-03-30T20:29:32+00:00
An item is OUT OF STOCK. Will you receive it again? 2017-03-30T20:18:16+00:00

We do not have back orders at the moment. However, if we recut a particular styles, it will be published again when it is available. No pre-orders.

Can I pick up my order? 2017-03-30T20:17:46+00:00

Yes. Please arrange pick up schedule by phone with one of our representatives. Order pickups available by appointment only.

Do you accept COD? 2017-03-30T20:15:43+00:00

Sorry, we do not accept COD orders at the moment.

Do you accept international orders? 2017-03-30T20:14:22+00:00

Absolutely. We will ship anywhere in the world where couriers ship.

Do you charge sales tax? 2017-03-30T20:13:39+00:00

No. We are a B2B and all of our customers have been verified with proper business and reseller documentation. However, if you sell to end consumer, you must check your local tax law to charge proper sales tax to your customers.

Do you have pre-orders or futures? 2017-03-30T20:12:33+00:00

Sorry, we do not accept pre-orders nor publish future styles at the moment.

Do you sell broken packs? 2017-03-30T20:11:14+00:00

Check our site for the Broken Pack Sale category for big discounts on broken packs. If it’s not there, we do not have any at the moment.

Do you sell your items online elsewhere? 2017-03-30T20:10:26+00:00

Yes, we have an online storefront at lashowroom.com, fashiongo.net, and moeim.net. However, availability may vary from site to site. New arrivals are first uploaded on Citysunglass.com and then to the rest of our sites.

Do you ship via cargo? 2017-03-30T20:09:36+00:00

Yes. We work with several cargo companies like MB Cargo, Amigo, UCL, Legend Express, N&R and others. We will deliver to their location for free within our delivery range.

How can I track my order? 2017-03-30T20:08:02+00:00

You may check your account for the tracking number, Invoice number, shipping charges, and details of what is inside the b

How long does it take to ship the merchandise upon ordering? 2017-03-30T20:06:57+00:00

We usually ship the same day when payment information is received before 12:00 pm PST. However, during high volume of orders, it may take up to 24 hours.

I do not have a seller’s permit. Can I still purchase from you? 2017-03-30T20:04:16+00:00

We are closed to the general public. However, we may accept copies of previous purchases from 2 different manufacturers in the Los Angeles Fashion District Area.

May I use your online images? 2017-03-30T20:03:35+00:00

Absolutely! We actually encourage to use our images to promote your boutique and pre-sell before ordering from us. It’s a win-win.

The invoice does not match the contents of the box! Help? 2017-03-30T20:02:59+00:00

If the merchandise is miscounted, contact us immediately to cross check inventory and resolve the issue.

What is the minimum amount to order? 2017-03-30T20:02:05+00:00

The minimum amount is currently $100 of the total order.

What is your return policy? 2017-03-30T20:01:18+00:00

Please refer to our return policy section. We suggest you read it before you order. While our volume of returns is insignificant, we do enforce our policies.